The objective here is to create an audience that is not only large but also highly targeted and engaged for sales and conversions. Hold on tight to these info, as we walk you through the mastermind approach of getting people to go for the pay at whatever you do or sell. 


We are very passionate about growing your business online.(But, everyone says that, so?)

Here is the distinction, We are a team of digital marketers with apex expertise and we’ve been around for a while with the vision of growing SMEs online. And about a month ago we made a discovery that has helped us produce amazing product sales globally for our special clients with the lowest capital cost ever(hey! i’m talking about 300% profit margin here). You’ll get to see the results for your self and even hear directly from our clients. But first, here is an overview of our setup plan: 

Note: This plan overview will work for any online business. There are just 2 tools that will be employed here and its nothing complex- click the ‘get started’ button to view and experience

OUR Step By Step WORKING PLAN For Fast online sales

1. Landing Page development

The first thing we do for your business be it online or physical, is to create a high end digital presence that converts/sells products or services you offer. The landing page as a sales tool uses a special technique we call the 'Offer Re-brand' and is unlike anything you've experienced despite its cost effective setup. What the technique employs is more of problem solving experience, rather than just an upsell, we do a great deal of research and break down on whatever product or service you want to sell/offer, to an audience that already looks for a related solution(product or service). Then the landing page superbly provides an atmosphere that allows the potential customer GO FOR THE BUY (and that's what this page does even as you read its content. Amazing right?)

2. Facebook ads & Retargeting

This is where the Magic of Mastery Comes in. Audience targeting and Facebook ads creation, you might have heard or known some or so many agencies or individuals into this but get your self inspired by this: Before a customer buys a product online, most of the times, they go into an online research using google search or other search engines, researching the best options and factors such as pricing just before they go for the buy. Now this is where we come in, The Mastery of spotting such individuals - we don't just put Facebook ads to a general public that might not value an offer, we put up the ads to people ready to convert/buy/order using Facebook(hijacking them professionals), then we re-target like audience giving a perfect sales generation engine. Of course, you shouldn't just take our word for it, take look at our amazing results below.

Our Portfolio

Take a look at our  Most Unique and Effective Conversion funnels and with sales statistics

We have worked with many International clients!

We are a recognized agency and worked with entrepreneurs and sellers around the world. We have over 3 years experience in high end digital marketing and digital presence development with up to date technology.

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Our pricing info

We are offering all of this package at a promo pricing which includes 1 week Free Facebook  ads(Feel the sales frenzy!) + A .com domain name @ $197($497) only with up to 60% OFF

$69.97 per year

plus 1 week free facebook ads, .COM dOMAIN NAME and 3 months of landing page support

Digital Marketing in simple terms is the marketing of products or services using digital technologies, in our agency’s case : We use Facebook Ads and a Landing Page mainly.

A Landing Page as a website (online presence) simplifies and speeds up the process of selling through content management. Our Landing Pages creates an experience of solution to potential customers that allows them go for the product/service order, since you are reading this right now, you should know what we mean about that.

A Domain name is a string of character that serves as an internet address to a website, we usually use a business brand name for this and it goes in form of : – where the brand name is Max Price Action. You get a free (.com, .net, .info, and so on) depending on the nature of services or products you want to sell out. 

Due to the fact that this is an perfect online extension of a product/service , we do our best to complete within 7-9 days after payment, but it can be ready before then. It also depends on the categorization of products/services.

This comes freely with the landing page purchase, We help to target the customers with ready interest with our large database of already related buyers(LOOKALIKE AUDIENCE) using Facebook sponsored Ads. The ads starts running after the landing page gets completed, If you are satisfied with our ads service, you can re-subscribe to ads package after the free 1 week of sponsored ads expires. (Note that we guarantee satisfaction so you will be re-subscribing anyways)

Yes we do have one Free Service as it is in our best interest to see you grow bigger as a business tycoon. Our free service is mainly Consultation, you can start our free package by contacting our agent link at the footer of the site.

Do you want to be cleared on some questions you have deep down? Contact us now by pressing this link (Click only if you are ready to purchase our services, Cheers)

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