Go Digital And Professional with your mails
You can make it name@yourbusiness.com
A Digital win-win for up to 10 Co-operate Team Members
You can use with a Friendly User Interface

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Business E-mail Suite

Things to know before you purchase…

Hey there,

What you’ll be getting in this business package is astonishing at ₦5000 promo price, let’s quickly discuss all the exciting goodies Included in the package, shall we?

1. 10 Custom Emails:

So good to be true, but it is, you will be getting up to 10 custom business emails after purchasing this package. Consider this scenario where your business name is “Cocacola Nigeria  Limited” You can get a custom email such as: 



and 8 more different mails, however and whenever you want.

2. Custom Email Dashboard/ Gmail Dashboard: You could a client Email dashboard to control your sent and received emails or use your already user friendly interface – gmail to send and receive using your newly purchased business email.

3. 24/7 support system: You can contact us anytime and we will respond ASAP.

4. Renewal After 1 year @ ₦10,000

5. Unlimited Email Storage.

6. 24-48 hours setup after purchase: It is important to note that your business Email will be ready within  24 to 48 hours after purchasing from us.

7. Available extensions are .com and .com.ng: This means your customized email can go  like admin@cocacola.com or like this admin@cocacola.com.ng (although you purchase your emails with one extension at a time). If you wish for a  different extension you can contact us with the contact button.